Alumni Association of 7 Study Programs

Each Study Program within the Faculty of Economics and Business Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, has produced hundreds of alumni each year.

FPEB UPI alumni have taken part in various fields and sectors at home and abroad. Therefore, to maintain ties and expand the Alumni network, an IKA or Alumni Association was formed from each Study Program including:

1. Economic Education Study Program: IKA Pendidikan Ekonomi (Ikatan Alumni Pendidikan Ekonomi) UPI or Alumni Association of Economic Education Study Program

2. Business Education Study Program: IKA Pendidikan Bisnis (Ikatan Alumni Pendidikan Bisnis) UPI or Alumni Association of Business Education Study Program

3. Office Management Education Study Program IKA Manajemen Perkantoran (Ikatan Alumni Manajemen Perkantoran) UPI or Alumni Association of Office Management Study Program

4. Accounting Education Study Program : IKA Pendidikan Akuntansi (Ikatan Alumni Pendidikan Akuntansi) UPI or Alumni Association of Accounting Education Study Program

5. Management Study Program IKA Manajemen (Ikatan Alumni Manajemen) UPI or Alumni Association of Management Study Program

6. Accounting Study Program: IKA Akuntansi (Ikatan Alumni Prodi Akuntansi) UPI or Alumni Association of Accounting Study Program

7. Islamic Economics and Finance Study Program: IKA IEKI (Ikatan Alumni Ilmu Ekonomi dan Keuangan Islam) UPI or Alumni Association of Islamic Economics and Business Study Program

Among these alumni, they continue to communicate and hold positive activities for the alumni of each study program, including giving sharing session tentang career development, providing scholarships for younger siblings who are still studying in undergraduate programs, conducting community service activities and others that are useful for alumni in particular and society at large.

Some of the IKA or Students Association also have their own social media, including Instagram.

Hopefully in the future, the Alumni of the seven IKA Study Programs will provide more impact or a positive impact on society and the world.